The Build

I Finally got started on the build, I marked out my floor plan with masking tape, this gave me a great perspective on how much space I was working with. My uncle gave me a hand building the bed and storage underneath. This didn't take too long at all and I was soon sanding down re-claimed wooden pallets for bed slats.

Once the bed was built I decided it would be a good time to install the electrics. This allowed me to spend more time working in the evenings! I was soon well on my way building in the counter spaces; making sure I was measuring everything twice to ensure fewer mistakes as possible. Nothing major has yet to go wrong (touch wood)!

I Fitted my oven leaving a nifty space below for the gas bottle. Originally I wanted my fridge on the counter top, because of the sloped walls it unfortunately didn't fit and had to go below the counter top. I used old ply wood for my counter tops and edged it with some nice reclaimed wood, eventually these will be tiled!

I've finally made and fitted all my cupboard doors, they've all been stained and hung, all I need to do is make some handles for the doors and attach magnetic stoppers. My beautiful mum gave me a hand with the tiling and grouting whilst I painted a splash back to extend up from the tiles.

 I re-sprayed the oven with heatproof black paint and designed a stencil for the front of the oven door, luckily I had spray paint left over from a school project so didn't have to buy any. My dad gave me a hand installing the gas pipes as he had all the necessary tools and piping from his work.

I fitted in a waste water system with a U-bend to stop the smelly gray water from wafting back up into my van. I used a flexible pipe to achieve the angle that i would have struggled to get with rigid piping. I've fitted a tap but fitted it temporarily at first just to ensure that there were no leaks when i hooked up the water pump.

The next thing i had to build in was a seating area with a table that was permanently attached to the van I designed my table to fold down from the sliding door when you have it closed. This was perfect because it meant I could tuck it away and also have my porthole window behind the table to block out the light when it was folded away.

I also built a nice deep drawer for kitchen bits and bobs, this had a beautiful mahogany front that i oiled up with linseed oil. I also constructed an overhead cupboard for my clothing above the bed! This got a nice lick of blue paint to go with my trim.

It took me a while to choose what flooring i wanted in the van, after spending a bit of time on the road and seeing various floors from astroturf  to tiles I decided to go for a laminate finish. I was happy with the overall finish and even lined some cupboards to stop damp from getting into my wooden floor.

November 8, 2018

July 21, 2018

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