Kudhva Craziness!

July 21, 2018

Its Official, I've now been living in my van for just over two months. I've not had any issues with any of my build (touch wood)! I've had the van running off solar for weeks at a time too, it is such an enriching feeling to know that I've built this off-grid home on wheels!


 A couple of friends from college told me they were doing a summer season down in Polzeath, I  decided to go and check out their spot and figured it would be a great place to start living in the van, I paid for my first week of rent to stay in Robbie Loves campsite and decided to look for some work. 


Polzeath is quite a small township that gets insanely busy during the summer holidays, the majority of the workers here all stay at Robbie Loves campsite creating there own little community. After getting to know a few people I started hearing of work that was available and put out a few emails. The majority of work that I found was all hospitality based, having worked in hospitality for most of my life i was happy to do it but wanted something with a little more sustenance and excitement. After my first paid week in a campsite i decided it was time to put the van to test and live in it for free, I found an awesome spot down at New Polzeath with a million dollar view, the perfect place to wake up each morning.


I met a lovely guy called Andrew Tuck who cooks amazing seafood on an open fire down the beach, I mentioned that I was looking for outdoors work and mentioned my grounds management and gardening experience. He asked if a knew if a place called Kudhva and mentioned that they may be looking for workers. I looked up their site and checked out there Instagram, it looked like it was right up my street! I sent off an email and awaited a response.


I heard back from Louise the lady who owns and runs Kudhva a few days later and we spoke about potential work, she said she didn't have any full time work but said it would be lovely to meet face to face and talk about a few potential hours once it got busy. A few days later I drove down with my mate Sam to check out the old disused slate quarry, upon arriving in the car park we were faced with two ways up, the adventurous route or along the road, naturally we went for the adventurous pathway that lead us into a big wood of willow trees, the steep embankment was dotted with hundreds of bright ferns, green mosses and wild strawberries. After a 5 minute climb we found ourselves at a big wooden building built mostly from scaffolding and scaffolding boards!

In the centre of the table was a large lump of crystal quarts with lots of other little bits all dotted around the place. I instantly knew this is where I wanted to spend the rest of my summer if I could. We couldn't find Louise anywhere and I didn't have signal to call either so we left without to much more exploration. After my brief visit I got another interview to work in a coffee shop on the beach, I went for my interview and was at my training later on that afternoon. Knowing my way around a coffee machine like the back of my own hand I soon had a good name for myself with the manager. The work was easy but it wasn't satisfying my lust to be working outdoors!


After my third shift with the coffee shop I got a call from Louise down at Kudhva, she asked if i was available for the week as she had a lot going on. My next shift in the coffee shop was my last! I quit the cafe job and got myself down to Kudhva! My first week there was an interesting one, we had quite a large project on that i can't talk too much about until august time, but i helped cater lunch for about 30 people most of the week, as well as helping feed people i built random things around the site including a wooden ladder down a steep bank and a dam in attempt to power a water turbine.


The first week merged into two, and I've now been working there for almost 6 weeks! Im still enjoying every day being surrounded by nature and good people with amazing intentions. I do 10 hours a week for my rent and get paid for any extra hours that I fit in. There's always something to do and projects to start or finish. I've spent a fair amount of time fixing up the wood fired hot tub as well as soaking in the hot tub myself!! We have two Goats names Mississippi and Lincoln, there super cute but do attempt to eat any food that is within goats reach! Louise is a really inspirational lady who has a pair of mad twins and an older boy also; they are all awesome too!  Its amazing to be a part of the Kudhva team, there is lots of exciting stuff in store!

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