More Setbacks!

May 18, 2018

I've been pretty busy with myself since the last blog update, I've gotten the van to a point where I have moved in and was ready to set off last Wednesday!  Unfortunately or luckily (I'm not quite sure which one yet!) on the Tuesday i drove my van to the osteopath and on my way back home the van started to loose power majorly and eventually I had to pull up on the side of the A361 in the middle of rush hour!


It reminded me so much of when i was first travelling Australia and i broke down in a Jeep Cherokee on the middle of story bridge in Brisbane! The same sense of oh fuck what am i going to do arose from deep within my belly.. Luckily in Australia a friendly Aussie bloke jumped out his Toyota and towed us off the bridge.. saving us great embarrassment of having to wait for a recovery car to come and get us.


By complete chance my Auntie was in the long queue of people that had been held up by my big van broken down on the side of the road and pulled over ahead of me so we could devise a plan as to what to do next. We decided it would be a good idea to get it to the next crossroads and pull off somewhere safely. The next crossroads also just happened to be the turn off to the mechanics that i use which seemed pretty coincidental at the time!!! We pulled off to the side of the road (funnily enough the van got there without struggling) and rang my mechanic, they were heavily under enough work load as it was but said they could take her in and they'd look at her when they get a chance. 


It seems that Betty Blue keeps needing garage attention, and she keeps costing me money, i guess that's one of the cons to living in your van permanently, although, no rent to pay so i guess they level out!

After Diagnosing it was a fuel shortage problem they sent it off to some diesel specialists who found something wrong with the pump! I'm hoping to pick her up this afternoon and continue with my plan to go down to Cornwall first thing tomorrow morning. With the unexpected trip to the garage I have very little savings but hope to find some work once I'm down in Cornwall and start getting to know a few locals! I've started up a Go-Fundme page for anyone who would like to contribute towards my journey and keeping Betty Blue on the road! I'm hoping that this will be the last of repairs that need doing on her for a while until I at least have some savings behind me!


Before i had the unlucky news about the van i'd been spending a lot of my hours doing up the van and finishing off little bits thats needed doing, i still have some things that need touching up and finishing but i guess it's going to be a project that gets worked on along the way as i travel and find time and rainy days trapped indoors! On of my proudest moments were installing the solar panels and finally getting a free power source from the sun herself!




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