What's To Come and What I've Done!

November 23, 2017


I've had  a week off doing the van as I've been trying to rest the back after seeing the osteopath a few times. Still waiting for some MC4 cable extension so i can hook up my solar panels too!


After boxing up my batteries in the van i realised that they will also need some ventilation as all batteries when on charge produce nitrogen and oxygen, i was given a few plastic vents from a family friend so they will go nicely on the box.

 Apart from resting the back I've done a little wood carving, i replaced the handle of an old antique butter knife and i'm part way through replacing and refurbishing an old machete that i had in the shed! I'm super pleased with the cherry wood that I've used as it looks beautiful once stained with wood wax.











 Today i marked out where the bed will sit in the van and worked out the lengths of wood i'm going to need in order to build the bed its self and the storage underneath it. I've arranged for a days work on the van with my uncle tomorrow so hopefully i'll be able to update you guys with some actual photos of structure in the van! I'm super Excited!!

 I really need to stop thinking about doing the electrics and just do them! Its so daunting, even being pretty sure that I've got my head around it all, i'm still hesitant. I guess we shall see soon! :)

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