The Start To It All

November 8, 2017

So i'm very nearly close to completing my blog/ website, I spent all of last night editing 150+ photos for my gallery! Its amazing sorting through all of my photos, the memories and the emotions that come with most of my photos are very good ones!


I got Betty Blue serviced for the first time since buying her today! It cost me a whopping 700 pounds but its weight off my shoulders, it needed doing quite badly! They also fixed an idling problem with a new valve. Three new tyres, new oils and filters. Very exciting!!

Also got my fuel cap lock replacement in the post today so i wont have to fiddle about with the fuel cap for 20 minutes each time i need some diesel! hahah

Betty Blue certainly sounds a lot happier!!


I'm so glad to have gotten most of the ply lining done, i know that the last bit to do above the front seats is going to be a fiddly job but I have faith in myself to not cock it up too badly! Then i just have to build the electrical board and wire in the solar panels, once that's done I can start building my interior!


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