No More Rust!

When I first got the van I ripped out all the old ply wood, I kept these to take measurements for the ply lining. Once the old wood was out I had quite a job cleaning up the floor, the hardest part was getting the old nails and bolts/clips up from the floor, plenty of WD40!!! I Filled any holes with silicone.

The whole process took a few weeks I did it in sections to make it easier to remember where i'd painted already. I used Hammerite Rust Beater to paint over my new shiny spots of metal, this took three coats! On the more serious rust spots I use Hammerite Rust Remover just to make sure I got into the deeper holes. Once the whole floor was rust proof I was ready to start the insulation!

November 8, 2018

July 21, 2018

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