Ply Lining and Lights

Before I ply lined the van I had to think about was the wiring for my lights and the 12 volt extraction fan. I ran conduit behind the beams and put in some lighting cable before the final lay of insulation. I worked out roughly where my 6 lights were positioned and where I wanted my switches and ran the wiring to each of these spots linking each light into the next.

I asked my Dad for a hand doing the ply lining as he had the necessary tools and an extra hand holding up the roof whilst you screw it down is always nice! As well as ply lining we also cut the holes in the roof for the sky dome and the new extraction fan. This was an extremely nervous moment cutting a big hole in your roof!

The ply lining was a time consuming job that took a lot of patience and trimming of the boards to get them to fit nicely. We took 2 days to cut all the boards, I spent  further 2 days attaching the boards to the walls and fitting the lights.

I Ply lined the cove above the front seats and boxed in the wheel arches. Whilst I had the ply handy I also built the box for the batteries. When building the battery box remember to put in some form of ventilation so the gasses released from charging don't build up.

November 8, 2018

July 21, 2018

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