Insulation and Flooring

Once the floor was complete I started lining the whole van with the Air Tec Insulation, this was super easy. I stuck all the insulation wrap down with Ever Build Contact Adhesive. The Celotex TB4000 insulation boards  came next, I found that cutting them with a crafting knife made way less mess than a hand saw. These were all held down with Stixall, I also used aluminium tape where needed.

To secure the insulation boards to the ceiling I used a scissor jack and a plank of wood, again I did this in sections. Once I finished the Celotex boards I also used CarbonZero loft insulation, I stuffed this into the hollow support beams and filled the doors best I could. For places that I couldn't reach or there was too smaller hole I used expanding foam.

Before I started insulating anything I wanted to get a floor down and have insulation underneath. I used YBS Air Tec Double Insulation, its a bubble wrap foil, first I filled in between the ridges of the floor and then lay a large piece over the top as shown in the pictures.

Once the floor was insulated I got three 12mm 8x4ft hardwood ply boards to lay. I used the large piece of insulation for the floor as a template for the wood. Then I cut all the pieces out and stuck them into place with Stixall Adhesive, this was a trial and error process and took a few attempts and trimming to get the boards to fit. I used concrete blocks to hold the boards down whilst the glue dried, this also made them level.

To finish I lay a sheet of the Air Tec insulation over the walls. I wanted to make sure that no bare metal would be in contact with the ply lining to avoid condensation as best as possible. I think stuffing the beams will help immensely here!

November 8, 2018

July 21, 2018

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