Electrical Systems

Getting your head around electrics can be tricky and frustrating at times, but once you've done it, the rewards are superb! To begin with I built my battery box making sure that it had ventilation. I got myself two Numax XV35MF 120Ah working out that this sort of system will allow me to be off-grid for as long as i need. 


Once my batteries were housed I chose to install the Ring RSCDC30 first, this allows the battery bank to be charged when the engine is running. Eventually I will install solar panels to get the full use out of the MTTP system. Once the charger was installed I wired up the fuse box, the lights and my 12v celing fan! .

After I installed the smart charger I only had a few more electrical appliances to install. I wanted a charging station next to the bed and had been left with a perfect space for it just on the end of my counter top. I brought two double USB ports and another two regular car charging points, i wired them all up and fitted them onto a piece of ply that fit nicely into the gap.

Next I installed my Waeco CRX50 12v compression fridge, I ran all my wiring back to the fuse box through conduit at the back of each cupboard. I installed a 2000w inverter, knowing that I wouldn't need to use this often but would need it for my Dremel kit and laptop charging! The only thing I was missing now was a pump for my water system and solar input!

I'd been given a pump for free so installed it. The pump didn't work and I later realised that it needed to be gravity fed,with my set up I didn't have the right water containers to use this pump so ended up buying a Reich Submersible pump instead, I wired this up to a simple LED switch on the side of the countertop.

I installed the solar panels in a day, it took me a while to drill holes through my roof bars as I had old rusty drill bits but with a bit of persistence I finally got there. I designed the solar panels to be held on the roof but also have the option to tilt them for maximum sun coverage when stationed somewhere for longer periods.

November 8, 2018

July 21, 2018

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