A Bit About Me

Hellooo, my names Arran, I'm 24 and have lived in England for most of my life. After School I went to college and studied game design, after that I applied for 3D animation at University! However an eight month trip to the other side of the world turned into a three and a half years life changing experience.

In Australia I felt freedom and happiness came without having to try, the weather was beautiful, the people were friendly and the starry skies at night were astounding! I found my long lost childhood love for nature and the simple things around me, I was alive!

I'm a very creative being that enjoys anything arty that I can get my hands stuck into. I make jewellery from things I find and wooden figures from old cut offs and driftwood. I love my nature photography and especially enjoy a stunning sunset!

I think that after experiencing the freedom of travelling I am always going to want more, this is why I have decided to live in my van full time. Living in my van opens up so many opportunities. If I want to be by the seaside all I have to do is secure the back and drive! I'm just going to enjoy being amongst nature and really hope to find self peace and clarity in my path. We shouldn't have to seek happiness in our belongings but in ourselves instead.

I grew up spending a lot of my childhood at festivals due to my dad and his brother owning a catering stall. During the last few years of school i'd usually work my summers doing catering for them, this was a good way to save money for travelling and to dance my summers away!

November 8, 2018

July 21, 2018

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